Close to Villa Lumaca is situated the small house of about 45 sm. Never the Close to Villa Lumaca is situated the small house of about 45 sm. 

Never theless you will find all that is necessary for a pleasant vacation. The house hastwo double bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, a small terrace and a smallporch. The two double bedrooms are furnished with a build-in wardrobe, TV,air conditioning and heating. 


The ceiling is faced with wood panels and bigchest nut beams. In order to enter the house you have to pass the slidingdoors of the bedrooms.

House Rosa has a wonderful bathroom with a rockinside, sea stars on the wall and a double sink covered by mosaic.

The shower is equipped with massage system. The build-in kitchen in beigecolored wood is completely furnished. It has a table with four chairs, a fridge/freezer, oven with stove and a washing machine. A sliding door leads yououtside on the terrace that confines with our outside wall. Here you can havea BBQ or hang out the washing. In front of the entrance is located the smallporch with its table and four chairs. The whole area is sun and wind protectedby a bamboo grating and plants. Look at house Monorosa.


  • 45 sm
  •  2 double bedrooms
  •  1 bathroom
  •  max. 4 people